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Years ago, late 1990s to early 2000s, I wrote a number of poems. Some silly, some funny, some serious, weather related, etc. I had deleted this site as there were few people looking at it. And I was worried someone would copy my work and claim it as thier own which happened to my other sites. I noticed this site was archived… so I am bringing it back. Somewhat. I may or may not write new poems.

I am having some kind of MySQL problems… probably due to my mistakes.

I need to redo the site.


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1) When you see the following:

[ background music: “song title” by band or singer. ]

No actual music is playing, nor is this a word substitution. It isn’t a filk either.

It is like you are sitting in a room and reading the poem, while the song is playing in another room, and the music floats down the hallway to your ears.

2) several people have told me I wrote over 1000 poems in about a 10 year period, I doubt I’ll put all of them up here on this site.

3) Likely add navigation menus later on.


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[ background music: ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits ]

I remember it like it was yesterday,
a new ship, and a new class of ship.

It was supposed to be a roller coaster replacement. After all, how can ya get a
thrill, from a roller coaster, when you can watch live footage of people on Io,
dodging volcanoes ?

There it was, didn’t look like much, the advert showed: a silver ship, the fully
cushioned seats, with the 3-axial webbing restraints.

They called it ‘Dancer’.

There were warnings, no eating for 2 hours before liftoff, from Mars’ orbit.
No full bladders allowed. No tourist vac-suits. If ya couldn’t handle sudden
acceleration shifts, and gravity changes, no need to buy a ticket for a flight.
This warn’t no disco, this was not your parents’ vacation cruise to the moons
of Saturn, no easy time of it.

I signed up. First cruise.

We got about a million miles from Mars, then they did a slow roll end over
end, backwards. Then a snap roll to the right, axially. Came to a stop, and
announced, “Anyone wishing to disembark at this time, please do so. A
shuttle craft awaits alongside to take you back to Mars Station on Deimos.
This is your last chance for a 75 percent refund !”

A few took them up on it.

[ background music: ‘Alabama Song’ by The Doors ]

Dancer moved off, slow roll to the right, diagonally, then a snap roll to the left.
‘Immelman, while rotating left, then right, then left again.

Full stop.

Announcement, “last chance to disemabark ! All ashore going ashore !”

About half of those left, left.

The crew came through and redistributed the rest of us, to sort of balance the weight.

Then we increased speed. Heading for Jupiter. No meals, no peanuts, the humidity kept high, no water to drink until the voyage back.

Jupiter, closing ahead.

The walls, floors, and the ceiling become transparent.

The better to see Jupiter with.

A small LED sign appear in front of each seat, ‘plotting positions of Jupiter’s satellites. Please stand by !’

Voice over: ‘This is the Captain of Planetary Ship ‘Dancer’. We will now accelerate and commence the dance manouvers. Stay put !’

[ background music: ‘She’s a Beauty’ The Tubes ]

Faster and faster the ship speeds into the Night. A quick circle around Jupiter. Dodge the moons, pass around the rings…

snap roll, snap roll. Slow forward end over end loop, pause, snap roll, snap roll.

Jupiter is now below the ship. Well, everyone is experiencing no-weight, so Jupiter is ‘under’ the belly of the ship. No real up or down here.

Then the nose of the ship snaps towards Jupiter and speed increases.

Spin, spin, spin.

Rinse. :-)

[ background music: ‘The Blue Danube’ by Johann Strauss ]
[ alternating with background music: ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel ]

Slow roll to the left while alternating between a roll forward end over end, with a roll backward end over end.

Jupiter and its moons glisten in the Deep Dark,
the distant stars shine all around.

Saturn watches from a long distance away.

Pluto makes its slow way in its orbit,
the research station out there,
isn’t too warm, but thats the way it has to be,
out there, in the far off all alone.

Aye, I remember that first flight,
of the Planetary Ship ‘Dancer’.

I later became the Captain.

Other ships were special built,
and became a class of vessel called,

But at first, there was only that one.

dancing in the Deep Dark,
weaving a course around Jupiter,
its moons, and its rings.


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[ background music: ‘I Drove All Night’ by Cyndi Lauper ]

A starship,
moving thru the Deep Dark,
between the arms of a galaxy.

Distant suns and nebulae,
light up distant skies,
‘tis faster they say,
to travel between the arms of a galaxy,
saves wear and tear on the ship’s hull,
but its lonely.

Days away,
from any help,
of any type,
have to get,
the freight thru.

Driving a ship,
at high speed,
down the spaces and emptiness,
between galactic arms,
is lonely,
in the Deep Dark.

No stars to light my way,
I navigate by beacons and globular clusters.

Such a method,
can be uncertain,
they say.

I get where I’m going,

Solar systems,
too distant for my radio to reach,
any time soon,
gleam over there and over there,
above and down below my ship.

But its dark where I am.

Nothing up ahead,
as I follow,
the dark nothingness,
between the arms of the galaxy,
unless of course,
I go off course,
But the freight must get thru.

No frequent stops,
like the luxury liners make,
their fancy fixtures,
gleaming in the light,
from the many Suns,
along their way.

But the freight must get thru.

I’m just a freight driver,
on an old,
junky looking freighter,
moving at high speed,
down the empty spaces,
between the arms of,
a galaxy,
getting food and goods,
to lonely research outposts,
out there,
in the Deep Dark.

I drive,
thru the Night,
making many light years per hour,
between the galactic arms,
the Suns and nebulae,
gleaming off to the sides,
of the Great Rift,
between the arms,
of this galaxy,
I love so much.

Oh, I yearn,
for home.

But the freight must get thru.

They depend on me,
the research stations,
and the outposts,
on the edges of the Great Rift,
I drive thru the Night,
of the Deep Dark.

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