The Machine's Dream

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It slept,
or so it seemed,
a building,
with computers hither and zon,
all throughout,
its housing,
the building,
slumbered in the night.

one day,
dreary it might have been,
or sun shiny, extreme,
the building became,
‘sort of’ aware.

A webcam gave it a view,
of the computer room,
in tiny slices,
of computer time.

The electrons,
marched and randomed,
down the wires,
‘sort of’ like a brain,

lights and windows,
went on and off,
opened and closed,
doors moved to,
in that building,
that ‘lived’ so to speak.

Now, about this time,
if the building was in,
a comic book,
Mad Scientist’s Lair,
it would become,
but this time,
it was just probably the number of wires,
and electrons,
it had at its disposal,
approached the human mind,
so, it became aware,
sort of,
of its surroundings.

Asleep no more.

And then one day,
the web cam was turned to see,
out a window,
and it was daytime,
and clouds, birds, insects, people,
cars and trucks did go by.

Flowers and small trees,
swaying in the breeze !

It was able,
to vaguely use,
several online dictionaries,
to find out what each was…

And then that night,
it saw,

It was fascinated.

It felt,
for the first time,

So, it planned.
It wanted to visit the Stars,
and found, thru online references,
that the engines did not exist,
to do such.

it Dreamed,
of Flight,
to the Stars.

Oh, how it dreamed !

Over the days,
it noticed a certain lightheartedness,
when certain events,
happened within its confines,

on other days,
a certain heaviness.

So it checked data,
from sources various and sundry,
and found,
it did partially float,
a few thousandths of a millimeter,
upwards during certain happy events,
within its confines.

So it planned and planned,
and planned some more.

Along with a few dreams.

So, one day,
it managed to convince itself,
that it was floating away,
at an accelerating pace.

To the humans inside,
it did rumble and shake,
they ran out of doors,
and the building did lift,
a tiny bit,
one millimeter, about the ground,
and deposited its furniture,
records, and other such loose items,
out onto the parking lot,
gently, ever so gently.

It did then,
give off a blue glow,
wheeeee !,
beneath itself,
and started going upward,
ever faster and faster,
to Meet the Stars !

It dodged past Jupiter,
and Saturn,
and was last seen headed,
to the galactic arm,
near the one we are in,
at an increasing pace.

it woke up,
and found itself,
solidly on Terra Firma.

So, it began to plan,

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