driving down the spaces between galactic arms

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[ background music: ‘I Drove All Night’ by Cyndi Lauper ]

A starship,
moving thru the Deep Dark,
between the arms of a galaxy.

Distant suns and nebulae,
light up distant skies,
‘tis faster they say,
to travel between the arms of a galaxy,
saves wear and tear on the ship’s hull,
but its lonely.

Days away,
from any help,
of any type,
have to get,
the freight thru.

Driving a ship,
at high speed,
down the spaces and emptiness,
between galactic arms,
is lonely,
in the Deep Dark.

No stars to light my way,
I navigate by beacons and globular clusters.

Such a method,
can be uncertain,
they say.

I get where I’m going,

Solar systems,
too distant for my radio to reach,
any time soon,
gleam over there and over there,
above and down below my ship.

But its dark where I am.

Nothing up ahead,
as I follow,
the dark nothingness,
between the arms of the galaxy,
unless of course,
I go off course,
But the freight must get thru.

No frequent stops,
like the luxury liners make,
their fancy fixtures,
gleaming in the light,
from the many Suns,
along their way.

But the freight must get thru.

I’m just a freight driver,
on an old,
junky looking freighter,
moving at high speed,
down the empty spaces,
between the arms of,
a galaxy,
getting food and goods,
to lonely research outposts,
out there,
in the Deep Dark.

I drive,
thru the Night,
making many light years per hour,
between the galactic arms,
the Suns and nebulae,
gleaming off to the sides,
of the Great Rift,
between the arms,
of this galaxy,
I love so much.

Oh, I yearn,
for home.

But the freight must get thru.

They depend on me,
the research stations,
and the outposts,
on the edges of the Great Rift,
I drive thru the Night,
of the Deep Dark.

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