Finding food at 2 AM

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An old dusty-looking cowhand walks into a room,
he sits down at computer keyboard,
and starts typing.

Now, he don’t know where you live,
and sometimes he aint too sure where he lives,
but he knows that some locations,
just have a heck of a time providing food at 2 AM !

He remembers driving over to the Dairy Queen,
before the sojourn to the Drive-In Picture Show,
with a few friends.

having some food for then,
Frito pies and hamburgers come to mind,
and eating again at the Drive-In.

But there was nowhere ‘round there,
to find food at 2 AM.

Oh, there were a few bars still open,
but they had knife fights,
most every night,
and he didn’t go there.

Now, he lives where food stores, gas stations,
and casinos, stay open twenty-four by seven.

The folks sit and talk,
of strange days,
and sealing wax,
and Bob’s poor old dog,
and look what she did to his hair,
but at least there be food,
at 2 AM !

The food isn’t all that great,
them reconstituted scrambled eggs,
are a might uhm flavorful,
but its there,
at 2 AM.

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