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A distant cloud on the horizon,
‘tis a summer storm,
and nothing more. I sit by the tv, basking in its warm glow.
it beeps,
like a roadrunner,
a streamer files by below,
‘Hurricane Coming ! Evacuate !’ I ponder, should I evacuate ?
or sit idly by,
like a grasshopper in the Summer time ? Or seek shelter ?
high ground is but an hour’s drive away. I’ll wait, for a while.
‘Tis only partly cloudy,
dark though the clouds be. Its still time enough to leave. I think… Wind storms and howls outside,
I see my car float by the living room window,
I wonder where all of the water came from ?
We have never had a direct hit,
before. There comes a curious rapping, tapping at my front door,
Could it be Julliete ?
Or the Sun ? Here I am,
up on the roof of my home,
the gray waters march by. An ocean liner is parked in my front yard.
I wonder how it got there ? I promise, if there is a next year, for me,
to heed the warning for my neighborhood to leave,
while there is still time.

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