Dance: The Light Fantastique

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The sound of ice skates on hydrogen ice can be dimly heard. Spotlights swing,
like pendulums do,
over to where the sounds are. A skater appears in the glare. A vague figure,
no sold texture,
he, she, or it was poorly drawn. Then the skin shimmmers and a reptile is standing there,
gracefully on ice skates.
Teeth glistening in the light. Smiles, it does.
then the figure shimmers and becomes a bird, fluff.
The Dance, oooh how it could dance. On ice skates, from hydrogen atom to hydrogen atom.
Changing like a man clicking the remote control,
at light speed. A beggar, a street walker, a space-suited figure, and
reptiles with wings, are just a few of the beings it becomes,
as it skates gracefully across the ice of hydrogen.
With a bit of Helium II thrown in,
for variety. A tune in the background, something by Mojo Nixon talking about Elvis
being Everywhere, or it could be by Sheb Wooley talking about a Purple
People Eater. Dr. Demento would play that background music, it was Deeeeemented. The Dance, the dance, The Light Fantastique.
Across Hydrogen Ice.
Out in the Deep Dark between stars.
There weren’t any Cars. [click] [click] [click] goes the shape changes. Flying from asteroid to sheets of hydrogen ice,
jumps that take your breath away with its flashiness.
Hydrogen rocks as big as mountains, shaved smooth for ice skating.
It was a quadruple leap year so the figure became a seal. French horns playing. It used to work for the circus, for peanuts.
It prefered fish sticks. Mako. Shark bait.
Hydrogen ice is very nice.
Cold, but nice.
The skates sharpen themselves, made by Ginsu. [click] [click] go the changes. Almost as fast as an eye-blink.
Bluring. Steamed. With tarter sauce.
Dance the Light Fantastique.
From hydrogen ice to Helium II.
It could cost a few fractures, or a record player at 33 and a third off. Hooker, lawyer, elephant, sand dune, the changes come faster and faster.
Spaceship, robot arm, clock radio.
Dance dance dance.


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