Veteran's Day. November 11th, 2001

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Veterans sit and remember the days gone by,
monuments are placed,
names of the Fallen remembered.
Days gone past,
firefights talked about,
the artillery bombardment survived.
Battlegrounds can be marked on land,
but not on sea nor in the sky.
An air battle of aircraft firing guns,
foe and friend,
blackens the sky with smoke,
as planes catch fire and burn,
falling to the ground far below,
or continuing on.
But soon the sky clears of debris and parachutes.
No signs of battle up in the air,
except smoke that dissipates,
Battles at sea can be seen from afar,
oil slicks and gun flashes caress the waters.
In day and by night.
Debris of ocean battles shift with the tide and ocean currents,
but longitude and latitude still mark the locations.
Good night fighters of the past,
there are those who will never understand your sacrifice.
And others who are glad they are safe,
understanding they have.
Machines tear,
and heavy guns shatter,
sometimes a single bullet kills,
those who defend their homeland.
Some are in graves marked with care,
and others lie mouldering in the ground, or sea.
To remember is not to forget,
the sacrifices they made,
in body and soul.

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